Programme MMR2017 Grenoble

8h30-9h30Registration - Agora
9h30-9h45Welcome: Olivier GAUDOIN (Room A)
9h45-10h30Francisco J. SAMANIEGO
System Signatures: A 30-year Retrospective
Chair: Bo H. LINDQVIST, Room A
10h30-11h00Coffee break
Stochastic Ordering and Dependence
Advanced Mathematical Methods in System Reliability and Maintenance - ORSJ 1
Bayesian Inference for Degradation Models
Multi-State System Reliability - 1
Advances in Step-Stress Modeling
Estimation of Rare Events Probabilities - IMdR 1
Applications of Stochastic Orders in Reliability
Deterioration Modelling and Applications - SFdS
Inference Under Censoring - ISBIS
System Reliability Estimation and Evaluation
Signatures - 1
Recent Advances in Applied Statistical Methods
15h30-16h00Coffee break
Signatures - 1
Degradation modelling and analysis - 1
Lifetime Data Analysis - 1
Multi-State system reliability - 1
Imperfect Repair Modeling
Computational Methods in Reliability
Structural reliability
Bayesian methods in reliability
k-out-of-n systems - 1
Stochastic processes in reliability - 1
Lifetime Distributions Theory
Maintenance policies
19h30-22h00Welcome cocktail: Restaurant Le Téléphérique, Bastille Hill
9h00-9h45Emanuele BORGONOVO
Reliability Importance Measures: A Mathematical Viewpoint
Chair: Min XIE, Room A
Maintenance Modeling and Analysis - 1
Order statistics and extremes
Degradation modelling and analysis - 2
Signatures - 2
Network reliability - 1
Decision making in reliability
11h00-11h30Coffee break
Panel Session: Is Reliability a New Science ?
Extremes in Reliability and Safety
Special Session in Honor of Wenbin Wang - 1
Multi-State System Reliability - 2
Cure Models
Sensitivity Analysis in Reliability
14h15-19h30Social programme
9h00-9h45Narayanaswamy BALAKRISHNAN
Cure Models
Chair: William Q. MEEKER, Room A
9h45-10h30Sophie MERCIER
Probabilistic Construction and Properties of Gamma Processes and Extensions
Chair: William Q. MEEKER, Room A
10h30-11h00Coffee break
Reliability of Complex Systems
Big Data in Reliability
Modeling and Analysis of Correlated Failure Time Data: Copulas and Spatial aspects
Multi-State System Reliability - 3
Censoring Methodology
Maintenance Modelling
Coherent Reliability System and Recurrent Events
Lifetime Data Analysis
Special Session in Honor of Wenbin Wang - 2
System Reliability and Maintenance Modeling - ORSJ 2
Warranty Policy Evaluation and Maintenance
Reliability and Optimization in Shock Models
15h30-16h00Coffee break
Resilience Modeling
Industrial Applications of MMR
Maintenance Policies
Likelihood-based Methods in Lifetime Data
Degradation Based Reliability Modelling and Maintenance Decision Making
18h00-23h00Conference dinner - Château du Touvet
Dynamic Reliability Models and Statistical Inference
Signatures - 2
Networks/Clouds - Resilience, Maintenance and Security
Warranty and Maintenance Modeling with Applications - ORSJ 3
Structural Reliability - IMdR 2
10h30-11h00Coffee break
Recent Advances in Failure Time Data Modeling with Partial Observations
Statistical Analysis of Dependent Random Variables
Deterioration Models
Maintenance Modelling and its Indexes
Theoretical Advances in System Reliability
Network reliability - 2
Stochastic processes in reliability - 2
Case studies in reliability analysis
Accelerated degradation and life testing
Maintenance Modeling and Analysis - 2
Optimization methods in reliability
k-out-of-n systems - 2
Lifetime Data Analysis - 2
Stochastic processes in reliability - 3
Prognostic and health management
Degradation modelling and analysis - 3
Multi-State system reliability - 2
16h10-16h30Coffee break
16h30-17h15Zhisheng YE
Risk Quantification from Degradation Data
17h15-17h30Closing session, towards MMR 2019: Olivier GAUDOIN (Room A)